Pimp My Broom

The Wizards Behind PimpMyBroom

PimpMyBroom is the largest and most successful online broom customization site on the web.


In early 2009, Winston Headly, amateur broom maker, was searching for a way to easily customize and order a broom online. But when he couldn't find the quality or selection he desired, he decided to start his own company with the help of a group of veteran broom designers and manufacturers so he could give wizards the type of options he was looking for.

Always the pioneering kind who lives by the motto "I will find a way or create one," Winston decided to take matters into his own hands and go into business for himself. For the first year or so, he spent long hours in his basement crafting brooms from a unique bristle bonding varnish and developing a one-of-a-kind pro-charm lacquer finish to enhance spells and incantations.

With the help of an investment by Charms and Cauldrons Capital Group, PimpMyBroom became a reality in late 2009.

Since the initial launch, PimpMyBroom has been instrumental in engineering alfalfa bristles for high-speed brooms and pioneering new broommaking techniques with its Expedius line of brooms—improving speed, handling, and maneuverability at every level.

During 2010, Pimp My Broom grew at a rapid pace. Numerous employees were hired, state-of-the-art equipment was manufactured and our assembly line was consistently producing up to 100 customized brooms a day. Production techniques were refined and one-of-a-kind alfalfa bristles were engineered to improve broom maneuverability and handling.

Today, Pimp My Broom controls over 75% of the high-speed broom market and is always pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation. We take pride in crafting brooms that have both form and function and are so fun to ride that witches and wizards from all over are magical world are clamoring to get their hands on one of these marvelous creations.

Looking Forward

PimpMyBroom is not satisfied with success alone.

Along with their continued broom innovations, they are seeking to improve broom safety and education in wizarding schools across the world.

In mid 2010, PimpMyBroom launched the one-for-one broom program. This philanthropic program seeks to give brooms to disadvantaged wizard children when customers buy specific high-end broom models. This program has already given away more than 50,000 free brooms and seeks to give away more in the coming years.

Blueprint photo by Peat Bakke.

Our Executive Team

Winston Headly, Founder, CEO – After graduating from Childshound Wizarding College in 1996 with a degree in broom design, Headly went on to start a small broom lacquering shop, but continued to build his own brooms as a hobby. He started PimpMyBroom in late 2009 to fill a need in the quality online broom customization market.

Grigsby Shortbottom, CFO – With a degree in finance and wizard management from the University of Merlin, Grisby served as the Accounting VP of Wands and Words Spells, Inc, before joining PimpMyBroom in early 2010.

Tobias Flint, COO – With a doctorate in wizarding operations, Flint built a successful reputation as a renowned charms consultant. After selling his first company for over 4.5 million gold pieces, Flint served on a number of wizarding boards and later joined PimpMyBroom in late 2009.

Exelsius Oakworth, VP of Magic Design – Oakworth has always had a passion for broom design. After graduating from Pimpernell College of Wizardry in 1998 with a degree in broom manufacture and design, Flint founded Bolt Bristles, LLC, and worked as a successful broom design consultant until joining PimpMyBroom in mid-2011.