Pimp My Broom

Build your broom

1. Pick a Base

Before you can add charms or specify which charms you would like for your broom, you need to select a base including wood-type. Ready to start? Select a broom base below.

  • Ash – The fastest and most reliable base for magic broomsticks.
  • Mahogany – Fashionable and strong, a favorite for wizarding professionals.
  • Oak – The safest base, not as agile as others, but reliable.
  • European Fir – Our most affordable base, sturdy enough for most shoppers.

2. Build Your Tail

The tail end of your broom determines the speed and agility of your broom. Longer bristles can increase your speed and also the broom's reliability.

  • Wylon – The best-built enchanted tail for any broom, strong and quick.
  • Wizards Willow – One of the most powerful choices for broom tail bristles.
  • Enchanted Wheat – Durable and available in different lengths or shapes.
  • Broom Corn – A functional bristle from the broom corn plant.

3. Pick a Charm

Charms and enchantments are what make your broom special. Pick one charm for your broomstick and make it your own.

  • Everything Charm – Anti-Jynx, counter charms, vibration control, and more.
  • Self Straightening – Strengthen and better control your broom with this charm.
  • Vibration Control – Get a smooth ride with this valuable charm.
  • Self Service – Never worry about cleaning or maintaining your broom again.

4. Customize Your Broom

Give your broom a classic, personal touch with these very special customizability charms.

  • Personal Varnish – Mix your genetic DNA with the broom's magic fibers.
  • Balance Charm – Have your broom balance every way you are, automagically.
  • Follow Charm – With this custom charm your broom will follow you anywhere.
  • Free Engraving – Have your name engraved into the handle of your broom.