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Dragon Heartstring Cores vs. Griffon Muscle Sinew Cores: Which is Right for You?

Posted June 6th, 2011

The debate between broommakers has been raging for years. Although griffon muscle sinew cores have been the standard for a good 80 years, the last 20 years have seen the introduction of dragon heartstring cores, and they have been slowly gaining popularity – especially among young flyers and wizarding college students.

If you've been looking at getting a new broom, you're probably wondering what the real difference is and which one is right for you. Below we've laid out some of the main differences and we'll let you make the decision as to which is right for you.

Dragon Heartstring Cores


Dragon heartstring cores, only capturing about a 10% market share 20 years ago have risen in popularity and gained a permanent foothold in the broom market, now capturing about 30% of market share.


Dragon heartstring cores tend to be faster, lighter weight, and more agile than their competitors – making them better for extreme flying and evasive maneuvering And dragon heartstring core brooms tend to have a sleeker, modern look to them, which is attractive to younger wizards. Most dragon heartstring core brooms also come loaded with a full set of charms and spells – whereas you'll need to create or purchase a lot of extra spells and charms when you purchase a griffon muscle sinew core broom.


Because of their lighter weight, they also tend to have looser handling that can result in longer air skids and recovery time. And since they only have a 30% market share, replacement parts are harder to come by and tend to be more expensive than their griffon counterparts.

Griffon Muscle Sinew Cores


Griffon muscle sinew has been the standard of broom making for 80 years or more, giving it a long history and reliability factor.


Griffon muscle sinew core brooms tend to be more stable, durable, and reliable than dragon heartstring core brooms. This steadiness results in a greater load capacity and fantastic breaking capabilities. As a result, griffon muscle sinew cores are found in the vast majority of commercial broom services, like package delivery and broom taxis. They are also cheaper and easier to find parts for.


The steadiness and sturdiness of griffon muscle sinew results in a slower, heavier broom overall. Finding parts is easy, but because of the griffon muscle sinew open-platform model, there are no official, reliable customer support systems available as with the dragon heartstring market. And you'll have to create or buy all individual broom charms and spells if you want to optimize your broom for maximum performance.


If you're going to be using your broom for high-speed sorcerer chases and dragon hunts, you should probably go with e dragon heartstring core. However, if you are simply going to use your broom for everyday flying and commuting, go with the steady griffon muscle sinew core. Griffon muscle sinew is also recommended for first-time and flying beginner wizards.

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