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Top 5 Broom Safety Tips

Posted June 15th, 2011

At PimpMyBroom we're not simply concerned with making great custom brooms but also with ensuring that the wizarding community has a strong and healthy broom community. Part of fostering a great broom community is ensuring the safety and continued wellness of any wizarding broom enthusiast.

In that vein, we've seen a lot of mishaps, broken bones, and busted brooms, from wizards who didn't take safety precautions before mounting their broom and heading into the sky. So we'd like to take a minute to remind everyone about proper broom safety.

1. Flying apparel

First and foremost, make sure you are wearing the right equipment when you ride your broom. Although helmets are not required by law in most wizard districts, they are never a bad idea – especially if your safety charms fail you or you are bewitched by an evil sorcerer and come tumbling to the ground from 200 feet up in the air. Thick pants, riding shoes, and gloves are also recommended to maintain proper grip and control of your broom.

2. Proper body alignment

Young wizards tend to lean forward on their brooms, pushing the nose down and impairing agility. Make sure your feet are properly placed on the footholds, and grip the broom about 12 inches from the end of the handle. This should put you in a comfortable position for riding. Remember to keep your center of gravity at the midway point on the boom for turning and optimal maneuverability.

3. Safety charms

Many brooms today come with a host of safety charms that give you better grip and air cushions around your body in case of a crash. But with older model brooms (and the majority of griffon muscle sinew core brooms) you may have to create these charms from scratch. Don't worry; there are many resources for this, including Josephus Finggleworth's landmark guide, Safety Charms for Extreme Flying.

4. Defensive Flying

The Wizarding Broom Council has issued a free guide to broom safety and common-sense flying rules that offers some great tips form defensive flying, including rules for right-of-way, speed recommendations, load capacity, and more. Pick up a copy and brush up on your defensive flying techniques to stay safe while flying.

5. Evasive maneuvers

Since you'll use your broom for anything from picking up a few supplies from the local apothecary to battling dark sorcerers, it's important to brush up on your evasive maneuvering, including rolls, spins, fast pivots, direct-up takeoffs, and more. We recommend Designing for Dragons: A Field Guide for the Manufacture and Maneuverability of Brooms During Dragon Attacks, by Exelsius Oakworth. Not only does it give great advice for maneuverability during dragon attacks, but it lays out some basic handling and agility moves that are essential for any advanced broom rider.