Pimp My Broom

New VP of Magic Design: Exelsius Oakworth

Posted July 1st, 2011

Exelsius Oakworth

At PimpMyBroom, we have always been ahead of the curve. No one thought alfalfa was strong enough to withstand the wind pressure of a high‒speed broom brush, but through our innovative charm design and alfalfa engineering techniques, we made it happen. And now we own 75% of the high‒speed broom market.

As always, we owe our success to the innovations that our design wizards make everyday, and we're continuing this tradition with the announcement of our new VP of Magic Design: Exelsius Oakworth.

You may have heard Oakworth's name before. He was Flying High Magazine's 2010 Broom Designer of the year and recently had success charming dogwood brooms to be more tame and heel when commanded. We're proud to welcome Oakworth to our broom design team.

Besides his recent fame and notable success in the broom design world, Oakworth has worked at Broomakers, LLC, and as a notable consultant in the broommaking world. In addition, Oakworth received his degree in Broom Manufacture and Design from the Pimpernell College of Wizardry in 1998, and went on to found Bolt Brushes, Inc, the most popular broom brush component maker in the world, which made an IPWO (Initial Public Wizard Offering) last year at 32.4 million gold pieces.

“Having Oakworth head our team of designers is a coup de gras for PimpMyBroom,” said Founder and CEO Winston Headly. “He brings to the table so much more than just great broom design. He has years of field‒tested experience in the broom design world and knows how to lead of team of design wizards to create fantastic broom work.”

He went on to say that Oakworth was sought for the position in part because of his deep knowledge and experience with dragon lore – as evidenced by his popular field manual, Designing for Dragons: A Field Guide for the Manufacture and Maneuverability of Brooms During Dragon Attacks. “Our last VP of Magic Design came to a tragic end,” said Headly. “And we don't wish to clean up any more ashes, if you know what I mean.”

Oakworth himself is delighted at the prospect of joining PimpMyBroom. “PimpMyBroom is at the top of the broommaking market, and right now there is no better place for a broom designer to be.” He added that his new position at PimpMyBroom will give him the freedom and creativity he desires to push the boundaries of what we think possible in broommaking and design – “I'm looking forward to a long a fruitful career at PimpMyBroom.”